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Meet Ben


Experienced Dance Instructor

Valencia's vibrant dance culture has been an incredible environment to further nurture my passion. The city pulses with rhythm and energy, providing endless inspiration and opportunities to immerse myself in the world of dance.

Teaching salsa and bachata to people of all levels has been one of the most fulfilling aspects of my journey. Witnessing the joy and excitement on my students' faces as they discover the magic of dance is truly priceless. It's a privilege to share my expertise and help others unlock their potential on the dance floor.

As I continue on this journey, my goal remains the same: to spread the rhythm and happiness that dance brings into people's lives. There's something truly special about sharing the joy of movement with others, and I'm grateful for every moment spent dancing and teaching. Here's to many more years of spreading the love of salsa and bachata!

My Passion

As a person I love to give. For me, dance is not just about the learning complex moves but more the gift of sharing and connecting with other people. I feel privileged to be able to bring people together in such a way that enhances their lives through shared experiences. read the google reviews to hear what they say.

Photo Below is our Sunday Beach Picnic April 24

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